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Paragliding Center Epidavros GREECE

We fly Since 1995

Flying Paradise team is mainly composed of Christophe, Maria and this year of Francis instructor since many years.

Christophe, Flying Paradise's director is French and speaks perfect English (with just the slightest hint of a French accent!).
He grew up in the Paris suburb area (hates towns since then), had a lot of problems at school, then difficulties to find his way before discovering nature and sports.


Upcoming Events

The Shark Race

The race where it’s recommended to know how to swim faster than a shark!

What we usually do

We meet in the morning around 9 am to check the weather and decide which flying site to go. We are on our way around 10 am.
We have 16 launch (2 open this year 2021) That leaves us plenty of possibility.
Around noon, we have a pick nick or a salad somewhere.


We will give you for each site a briefing at landingand at the launch (thermal, Xc potential, ect). We can help you for anything you need, to fit a speed bar, check your reserve, help you to keep a thermal and off course take you with us on our classic Xc, using Vhs.

We will drive to a launch up to 4 times a day, sometime finishing in the evening.
From all the site, you can reach the hotel or make nice Xc, landing on a deserted beach or in a lost village. Some small Xc are accessible to low airtime.

For this year 2021, we propose also a “hike and fly” from the 850 meters Apollon summit behind Epidavros. It has fantastic view of all the aera. The hike is 350 meter, about one hour with the glider on the back. There is 3 launches for all direction. We will also organize sometime bivouac, hiking in the evening with sleeping bags and flying in the morning.


Your New Adventure

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