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Many of our customers are using travel agencies again who are now as competitive as the Internet, but sometime more convenient and efficient.
Egean and Easyjet are the most commonly used airline.

Luggage safety

In the case of non-direct flight, we recommend to attach an extra solid contact address / telephone to your bags.

Airport or train station transfers

You will pick up mostly at the Korinthos train station, contact us if you like to have airport transfers.
· There is direct train right from the airport to Korinthos train station every hour..
· From 2 persons coming for 7 days or more, transfers from and to Korinthos are included.
· If you are alone for 7 or 8 days, a participation of 20 euro per trip will be required.

Car rental

We will take care of all transportations (Flying, excursion, going to a tavern..) so, to hire a car is not necessary, however some partners like to be independents.
There are now deals for 7 euro / day!
If you hire a car or a minibus, and save us the transfers, you will get a small refund.
To come over from the airport take no more than 2 hours, there is a highway to get out of Athens area, so easy driving and no traffic jam !

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