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The news !
What are the changes compare to my previous Flying center?

I created Flying paradise in 97, run it for 16 years and sold it in 2013. Every things are going to be exactly the same than before, hotels, flying sites, etc, except tree things:

1) Philosophie

Even if I am still full of energy and ready to take pilots flying from morning till evening, I want to be more lay back. Not rushing pilots in the morning or rushing them to pack their glider and jump in the minibus for the next flight, and so on. Discover the new Christophe!

2) New flying sites

I have just opened 2 new flying sites for the occasion, I believe they going to improve seriously the number of flying days and Xc and change our routine.

  • Pyramid
    A nice hike and fly site with good thermals, launch in all directions, and a fantastic view.


  • Caldera
    We were missing all these years a low-altitude, west site. We finally found one.
    Caldera launches are located on the caldera of an ancient volcano. It will become our new afternoon site. It’s closed by, has a good soaring and the best thermal of all our flying sites. There are 2 launches, a low one at 10 mn walk and a high one 15 mn higher.
3) The Shark race

For 2021, we have created a competition that should be fun, check “The Shark race” page.


We meet in the morning around 9am to check the weather and decide which site to go to. We are on our way around 10 am.
Around noon, we have a pick-nick or a salad somewhere.
We will drive to a launch up to 4 times a day, sometime finishing in the evening.


At each site you will have a complete briefing, (at landing and at launch) and for each flights, about weather conditions, local thermal and of course the Xc plan of the day.
One of our guides will always stay until the last pilots are in the air.
We’ll be happy to help you for anything you need, clarify information
(ex : I can’t see the landing…) adjust your speed bar, check your gear, help you to stay in a thermal and off course take you on our classic Xc.

If you booked the C level, we will check your gear at each flight, verify that your launch is ok and guide you at landing when necessary.

Flying sites

We have 12 launches all very different from each other, for all directions and for diferents wind speed.
 2 new very good Xc sites had been open this year 2021, specifically for South-west conditions and afternoon flight

Cross, XC

From all the site, the objective will be to try to come back to the hotel, directly or by triangle. The minibuses / instructor will pick up pilots landed earlier and will bring to them to the closer launch.
For sure, there are many places in Europe where you can make bigger Xc than here, but certainly not as beautiful!

Hike and Fly

For 2021, we are offering a “hike and fly” to the summit of Apollon, 850 meters height, behind Epidavros, above the ancient theatre. It has a fantastic view over the whole area. The hike is easy, 350 meters, about an hour with the glider. There are launches for all directions. We will also organize bivouacs with evening hikes and morning flights.

  • A radio, a reserve, a speed bar and insurance (third part, personal accident and repatriation) are mandatory.
    (We can lend you a speed bar for free).
  • If there are low airtime pilots in the air, please leave them a comfortable margin.

After many problems with visiting pilots, our sites are now reserved for our customers. We cannot, unfortunately, spend the 20 minutes briefing necessary for each site, taking this time from our clients. Thank’s for understanding.


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