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Others activities

In case of more than one non-flyable day, we will take everyone,flyers
and non-flyers for an excursionor an activity: Island, archeological sites,
geological site, long hike, short one, take your pick.


We have at your disposition (free of charge): 8 mountain bikes, 6  kayaks,
8 snorkeling equipment.

The kayaks are stable and easy to use by everyone. You can take them
to go to the undersea ruins (10 mn from the hotel), for a ride to the harbor.

Non-flying partners

There are many things to do at the hotel and on the way to the village
(harbor, ancient theatre), but first maybe just to relax and enjoy the
and the swim. However some people like a more active holiday.
We will organize two excursions per week. (
free of charge from 3 people)

Tandem flight

Christophe love to show the area from the air, by tradition each non-flyer
can have a tandem flight, free of charge.

It can be 20 minute, up to 2 hours if you are into it.
Children are welcome from 6 years old.


The beach is right by the hotel, so they can spend most of the day in the
sea, or play in the hotel grounds.
Let us know if you need a baby seat for
the minibus, we have also baby stroller available to lend you.


Next to Methana, Poros is a more touristic island, it have the classic white and blue house. Small boat are departing every 10 mn, we can have a meal on the harbor after a walk in the village.

Epidavros Theatres

There are 2 ancient amphitheatres, both still in use in the summer. One is 10 minute walk from the hotel can seat 1000 people and was discovered in the 80s.

The second one is the most famous and is 15 minute drive through the mountains. It can seat 14000 people. There is nice field right next to it which we regularly use to land!

Ruelles fleuries de Nafplio

a very charming old town, with its flowered paved roads which will lead you to the steps (950) of castle of Palamidi. If you prefer you can enjoy the old town, do some shopping & meet us at the tavern later.


(day trip). A beautiful rare island, where the habitants refuse to have roads and cars. A place where, when the locals go to the continent to buy a fridge, they ask the weight first and not the price because it’s going to be carried on a donkey!!!


(day trip) Beautiful 30mn walk to the volcano, swim in the thermal water and a meal at the small harbor will be in the program.


One the most famous archeological site in Greece, very impressive even for the one not into this kind of thing.

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