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Price includes
  • A 3 star hotel, full breakfast (really nice).
  • Korynthos train station transfers.
  • Transport to sites, fees, sight-seeing, fly guiding.
  • Sport equipment and excursion.
  • Guiding, lectures and tuition on thermal and XC
  • 2 excursion per week  for non flyers (from 3 people)
  • One tandem flight per non-flyers (next ones are 40 €).
  • Not included: Plane fares, insurance, lunch and dinner.
How long to come for?
There are 3 aspects to consider:

1) Everybody needs around 3 days to get the feeling of a place, new site, new guides, different weather. With a week you start to feel comfortable just before leaving, with 10 days, you got a week in front of you!

2) Even in the best spot in the world you can have some non-flying days, on a longer stay it doesn’t matter anymore. It gives you some time to go kayaking, visit the ancient theatre, it’s more like holidays!

3) Most importantly, pilots are more relaxed, not in a rush to fly all the time, and that improves safety a lot. It’s also in these last days, that the average pilots or beginners see the results of their progress and make their best flights.

Check your level below and mention it in your booking.

A: Very experienced pilot, comps pilot or instructor level, flies abroad regularly, has been flying for many years

B: Completely autonomous pilots.

C: low airtime pilot or has not flown for a while, BUT has a good launch.
We will check your gear, watch your launch and you will be on radio for landing,

P: Partners. See others activitie

Level A
7 Days
8 Days
9 Days
10 Days
11 Days
12 Days
14 Days
Level B
7 Days
8 Days
9 Days
10 Days
11 Days
12 Days
14 Days
Level C
7 Days
8 Days
9 Days
10 Days
11 Days
12 Days
14 Days
7 Days
8 Days
9 Days
10 Days
11 Days
12 Days
14 Days
Few more infos
  • Prices are for double / triple room, single room supplement is 10€ / day.
  • If you’ve been with us before or if you are 5 pilots or more, you go
    into the next lower price level.
  • Check with is if you are a school.
  • Children under 4 sleeping in a cot bed : one free of charge per family
  • Children aged 5 to 11: 1/3 of partner prices (In parent’s room)
  • Children aged 12 to 16: 1/2 of partner prices (In parent’s room)

    Booking or info request?

    Send us a mail at info(at)  If you don’t have an answer withing 3 / 5 days, it mean that we didn’t receive it. Send us a Sms (or call) on one of the number at the bottom of this page.

When is the best time to come?

It’s flyable all the year round but we choice to be open during the 6 best months of the year.
July and August are really too hot and too strong, December to February are too stable.

  • We are open from the 25 March to the 5 of July, then from the 25 of August to the 20 of November.
  • Days are longer in May and June and get shorter at the end of October.
  • Sea temperature is not too warm in April – for us (but very good for UK standards)
    but it stays very warm (25° celcius) until November.
How many days are we going to charge you?

Simply the number of nights that you stay, considering that you arrive in the afternoon / evening
and that you free your room before mid-day on your departure day.
You will not be flying on your arrival day but
you’re welcome to joint us on you departure day, .

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