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The race where it's recommended to know to swim faster than a shark!
The story behind !

In 2007, Clement Latour (2nd at the 2013 Red Bull X-Alpes) and Christophe Dubois (Objectif-Flying’s manager) made an original Xc.
Taking off from Peter paradise (Didima), they climb to cloud base at 3000 m, went to the coast, and decide to try to reach the island of Methana.
Flying over the sea for 7 km, they reach Methana and went back to cloud base.

Christophe made this flight again in 2010 and 2012, each time from a different flying site, each time alone and without rescues boat, with altitude as low as 1000 meters A.s.l, before the sea crossing.

The Objective

To do the same but with rescues boat and safety equipment.
You will fly to Methana island (or to Poros island) and ideally make it back to the Apollon hotel, our base.
You can fly at any time and as many times as you want, from any flying site.
The idea is to have as much fun as possible, flying in a beautiful surrounding, while seeing how many pilots can actually make it back to the hotel and by which way…

You get
  • 10 points for landing at Methana or Poros island (Galatas accepted)
  • 10 points more is you make it back to the hotel from Methana or Poros.
  • 2 points if you reach the hotel from Blacky flying site
  • 4 points if you reach the hotel from any other flying sites except Tintin.
  • You can reach each goal as many times as you like, at the end of the week,
    we make the total point of each pilot.
  • If you have a C or a B glider, you keep your points.
  • If you have a D or comp glider, we take off 30% of your points.

    The prizes to be given for the best results, are not decided yet (We’re looking for sponsors by the way)

Objectif-flying will be providing the safety boat, the minibus for pick up and transport to site, the information, maps (with locals thermal, area to avoid, etc) and the recommended flying sites for the day.
There will be no window opening or departure given. The organization will only provide information. Each pilot will be responsible for his decision to take off, his choice of flying site and route.
Each time he flies, he must notify us of his take-off, inform us before flying over the sea and of his landing.

Sea crossing safety
  • 3 to 4 boats will be watching the pilots during their sea crossing,
    in case of problems, a boat will be there in a few minutes.
  • Each pilot will install a Gps tracking/app on his smartphone.
  • Pilot will inform us by Vhs when they’re about to fly overseas.
  • As extra precaution, wearing an inflatable device is mandatory.
You need
  • Full cover repatriation insurance
  • Flying gear with reserve and speed bar
  • A vhf, and a smart phone.
  • A separate Gps /tracking system
  • A portable inflatable device
  • From Saturday 12 to Saturday 19 June 2021.
  • Pilots meeting : Saturday 6 pm
  • Race briefing : Sunday 8 am.
  • Race opening : Sunday 10 am, closing Friday 7 pm.
  • Minibus will be available to fly on the Saturday 19.

This race is offered at a very affordable price to help pilots to discover the potential of our area. It is however reserved to competition pilots or experience pilots with a good XC level. Please, describe in a few lines in your booking, your experience, number of years that you fly and the Xc and/ or competitions carried out.
30% of the total amount will be required on booking.

  • Maximum: 50 pilots for this first year.
  • Cost: 150 euro for 6 days including :
  • Safety boat for the oversea part.
  • Minibus for pick up and drive to launches.
  • Friday evening meal /rock concert.
  • T-shirts of the race.
Accommodation proposed
  • From Saturday 12th june at noon to Saturday 19th at noon :
  • Registration + accommodation at the Apollon hotel (base of the event), very good breakfast included :
  • Pilot : 320 euro / double room (390 euro single room)
  • Partner : 190 euro / double room, (Friday evening meal / concert included)
  • Additional night : 25 euro / person in a double room with breakfast (35 euro single)
  • Friday evening meal / rock concert only : 20 euro
Korynthos train station transfers
    • You can rent a car for about 70 euros/week
    • There is trains from the airport to Korynthos train station every hour.
    • We will have minibuses pick up from Korynthos train station the Friday 11 and Saturday 12 of June, then transfer from Epidavros the Saturday 19 and the Sunday 20 of June, other days as well if requested.
      The price will be 15 euro per way per person (4 people minimum).
    • You are welcome to use our Facebook page Objectif-flying for car-sharing.
    • If you have your own car and have a driving partner, his / her help for Xc picks up would be greatly appreciated (and  compensated.)

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