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Objectif-Flying team is mainly composed of Christophe and  Maria and this year of Olivier and Dave, both very experience pilots.

Christophe, Objectif-Flying director is French and speaks perfect English (with just the slightest hint of a French accent!). He grew up in the Paris suburb area (hates towns since then) He has been involved with outdoor sports since the age of 19, teaching climbing, windsurfing, snow-boarding, and water-skiing. He has been flying hand-gliders and paragliders for the last 30 years. Christophe is also a plane pilot, a sky-diver and base-jump wing-suit pilot.

He has taught paragliding and worked as a tandem pilot in France, England, Venezuela, Bulgaria, Canada and Greece. In 1995, he started to open flying sites in Peloponnese opening his first flying center.
Christophe’s other personal interest is to help stray animals in Greece.

Maria looks after the non flyers and anything that need to be organized. Her smile and kindness always makes you feel at ease. She practices kayak and is a beginner paraglider pilot.
Maria is Greek from Ligourio, a little village above which we often fly. Like Christophe she likes travelling, the country side and will fight to help the strays

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