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Brief info

Christophe, Flying Paradise's director is French and speaks perfect English (with just the slightest hint of a French accent!).
He grew up in the Paris suburb area (hates towns since then), had a lot of problems at school, then difficulties to find his way before discovering nature and sports.

He has been involved with outdoor sports since the age of 19, teaching climbing, windsurfing, snow-boarding, and water-skiing. He has been flying hand-gliders and paragliders for the last 20 years.
Christophe is also a plane and micro-light pilot and he is now very much into sky diving, wing-suit flying and base-jumping.

He has taught paragliding and worked as a tandem pilot in France, England, Venezuela, Bulgaria, Canada and Greece.
In 1995, he started to open flying sites in the east of Peloponnese, thereby creating Flying Paradise. He has been offering paragliding holidays and training seminars ever since.

Other then working in sport, Christophe had a loooong list of jobs, including : street artist (juggling, unicycle, tight rope), selling massages on the beach, diving fisherman and selling encyclopaedias from door to door in Italy!!
Christophe’s other personal interest is to help stray animals. He also try to understand why people are so obsessed in making as much money as possible instead of enjoying life, or want to kill other people, as well as destroying the planet.

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